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the ladybird book of dating

the ladybird book of dating

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Marcus and Fiona have had three dates. Fiona knows this means she will either end up spending the rest of her life with Marcus or eventually have to break up with him, horribly. Both of these ideas are terrifying to Fiona. Tomorrow, Fiona will fake her own death and join Cirque du Soleil.'? Dating is a scary business. Who do you ask? Is calendar shopping a good idea for the first date? What do you do if the man takes his shirt off in the bar? Are sword fights typical? And how many days should you spend doing your hair? Answers to all these questions and more will be found in easy-to-read, large font and simple language in the Ladybird Book of Dating. The large clear script, the careful choice of words, the frequent repetition and the thoughtful matching of text with pictures all enable grown-ups to think they have taught themselves to cope. Featuring original Ladybird artwork alongside brilliantly funny, brand new text. Hard Back

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